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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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reason r t a bloodstained end to an era in libya with allegations colonel gadhafi was executed by the interim government's tree. breaking point this week violent clashes erupted in greece as people were hit with a sturdy measures evaders up against the clock me to try and resolve the debt crisis. battle over barricades nato forces failed to remove roadblocks of the disputed serbia kosovo border as ethnic serbs to guard the blockade to stop the peacekeepers advance. and historic moment a russian soyuz rocket set off from a british space base in the tropics carrying europe's first satellite navigation system aiming to become a serious rival to america's g.p.s. .
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with a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly on r.t. the libyan interim government has declared the symbolic liberation of the country following the death of colonel gadhafi he was gunned down in unclear circumstances while fleeing the city of sirte and thursday the incident sparked international calls for an investigation with allegations the ousted libyan leader was executed and it video betrays a man boasting the two shot at that price injuring his capture claim is supported by a post-mortem which discovered two for the total forty eight elections analogy to be held in libya within eight months followed by the formation of a new government and the drafting of a new constitution and one of the post gadhafi future looks on certain ethnic and tribal divisions emerge among libyans once united in revolution and then there's nato which is winding down its military intervention while its members rush to secure lucrative oil fields for the new libyan authorities but he's an isa now he is in tripoli would not. not so long ago it was handshakes and ha
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now it's his head and feet and his family and a lot of. foreign involvements and fact that he was always portrayed as a great guy who you also played a lot of footsie and banking with western powers. graphic gruesome footage of gadhafi went viral as news of his death spread after months of being number one nato sickness under the banner humanitarian mission. we came we saw he died. and t.c. claims he was killed in crossfire but edited video begs to differ show here clearly wiping blood from his head then he really did look at the people of the movies and you the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and wounded and also that he was killed. total
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pressure is growing for an investigation to find out if it down from the guide as clinton put it or was executed the un and human rights organizations should all push not only for investigation. and certainly the. many other libyan members of the. that supported. but also the bombings that they thought inflicted in libya that destroyed so many of libya's infrastructure and also so many libyan civilians who had died in the u.s. who were killed in the first three alliance officials claim the mission in libya is coming to remember the no fly zone will be reviewed at the u.n. security council but many believe this is only the end of gadhafi and the beginning of a new era of crisis libya is in for a period of horrendous chaos after the nato bombing that's. brought parts of libya back to the stone age some say the race for the country's oil has kicked off france
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is already demanding thirty five percent of libya's gross national gross oil production and i suspect that the people of libya will be furious and outraged that they are paying france for having bomb the infrastructure having destroyed the schools the hospitals the the water supply and the country united in hatred for going down feet might not stand together now that he's gone all these these different groups and we were held together but one thing that was a thing that's gone away here you can redirect their anger at each other and i think it's chaos ensues and political instability there's a lot of people looking back on libya. and you go back there now and that is not a great celebration continued throughout the week cross the country and it seems few people here are really thinking about the future of libya without pinned down
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really means for them a country with no leader a lot of weapons and even more oil reporting from tripoli and he's now a r.c. . and he says keep us updated with the latest from tripoli online as well in you can head to our twitter stream to keep track of her account of events in post it up in libya and the british m.p. jeremy corbyn thinks the killing it could be slams the credibility of libya's new authorities who will now find themselves challenge to maintain order in the country . there is this footage of him apparently in the back of a truck in the town surrounded by a very angry mob of the assumption i guess is that he was killed by this mob sometime shortly after that he should have been treated as a prisoner of war take him interviewed interrogated put on trial and then the due process would have taken place only looks for he was indeed killed in the back of
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a truck and this really does raise some questionable sabbat the command discipline of the t.n.c. forces and what libya is going to be like not just tomorrow but next month next year and in the next ten years because clearly there is a need for a stable government in libya there is a need for a democratic government in libya there is need for an investigation into human rights difficulties and abuses in the past but there's an awful lot of cancer there's an awful lot of irregular forces out there otherwise the alternative is some ghastly descent into war with all the many armed groups that are all there already in libya and be germany when they're coming your way this here on r.t. report on why nato warnings again to get ethnic serbs to remove their barricades next to the disputed because of a border. that's still to come but first over in syria the death of colonel gadhafi sparked a fresh wave of anti-government protests calling for president bashar assad to step
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down dozens more people were reportedly shot dead his troops in all to damascus crackdown on the demonstrations i was three thousand a settler being killed in a country since march but that is to say the reports from syria both sides of the conflict have plenty of blood on their hands. this is the office of the traitor weeds one of the messages on the wall israel and the u.s. were able to buy you with a thousand dollars says another. this is where several opposition leaders work like abdel aziz al hired he had been a vocal critic and had spent fourteen years in jail a very bad time he recalls like many opposition members he thinks there's really very little room for reconciliation under the current environment. because troops. with. rocks clear voices and the machine that i know of. he's listening to. us he insists peaceful protesters were forced to respond to attacks by security forces
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but the acknowledges that now it's simply not black and white responsibility for the violence goes both ways. and this killing civilians but some civilians killing. soldiers they are son was one of the first soldiers killed since protests began in the country he was killed in on march twenty three. all foreign media acknowledged that too many of the only national guards have lost their lives and should have been some people say of its own groups to exist he kidnapped the civilians and only members like my son how could only members kill other members this is impossible and needed it says this is plainly lying. and therein lies the problem the moment. there is confusion about what's really going on in the formation is taken by each side and used to defend their position so if you're hearing the arguments for one sad you'll likely
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believe that i made this atmosphere of confusion and misinformation because for reforms continuance what's the lingering very forms this is another question whenever a new legislation is made we see an escalation of the security situation in syria and the killing by guns but we cannot absolutely blame on the government as i mean some circles are trying to propagate all voices from both sides are calling for dialogue sit down and talk to the syrians themselves agree that if this crisis is to be resolved that foundation of trust for the first laid down but with each direct order syria this all arising already widening political gap. yes or so you are damascus. ten minutes past the hour now in the russian capital itself on some world other world news i should say. four you know in a world update a forty three magnitude earthquake has struck the city of van in eastern turkey
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close to the border with iran authorities say at least fifty people are being killed and over a hundred fifty injured after some eighty buildings collapsed in the area including several hotels and a student dormitory and also reports of power loss and disruption to telephone lines military planes have taken off in the capital ankara for van carrying aid and supplies with the red cross working on the un on the ground the op shops are also felt in iran amenia and in georgia the turkish prime minister is on his way to the affected region. afghan president hamid karzai has said his country would back pakistan if it ever went to war with the u.s. a statement that clinton us with his harsh criticism of his nation's eastern neighbor during the u.s. secretary of state's recent visit to kargil both hillary clinton cause i have accused the pakistan government abiding safe haven to terrorist groups launching attacks in afghanistan. large german satellite routes that has made an uncontrolled reentry into the atmosphere after being deactivated in space over
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a decade ago scientists weren't able to communicate with the south right before its return and are trying to determine its whereabouts space enthusiastic worldwide following the latest developments in the search for the fall and telescope online via microblog. european leaders have been holding crucial talks in brussels aimed at resolving the region's debt crisis and keeping another recession at bay pushing on banks to accept that the debt will never be paid in full and instead they should raise new capital to deal with the losses this week violent clashes broke out in athens where people fed up with more austerity measures vented their anger in artie's sarah ferguson was there. precisely become a regular occurrence very very behind the five things the growing public angry because of austerity that means that people hair in a country has been cut from their wages by around thirty percent in most places on
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top of that. the cantons the public spending i'm finding here in the country is cripplingly high within the americans of a new generation of timeless these measures really the scenes have affected everyone here in going. after. the good. old son five one of the nation of the people who fight peacefully because we want our lives. the young and the ows people from all walks of quick life to institute a protest largess cleese's seen since the crisis began when it and they survive. true for chris read the riots and it wasn't to be the anger once again pulling a the with fights breaking out not just with the police that amongst the protesters
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from cells greek society is facing a social disaster for the past two years we've received austerity package after austerity package people are beyond third breaking point they cannot stand it anymore. and it's not just the phrase has is with an appetite for change they the vagueness past and top government officials did applies when a position then the saying he'd take to the measure the business struggling with his conscience he's not the only one speaking to police major after the protests at the start of the month tell me if the pressure to be for the riot police involved in these events you know. it is very hard to describe the feeling. of the policeman because there are two ways so show on a professional group who are suffering great economic measures of the government has to take sometimes it is really hard for them to take part in these protests as the working people and once more they have to take to the streets to hispanic playtest is even days he wanted to make their points peacefully the rest and yet in
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the i think it's going to be watching this very closely because this is the problem that affects great. thank you. what. now willing to think that. the people here again cathy wait a while longer see if anyone from now be ready to listen. it's a race against time for the e.u. leaders to resolve the eurozone debt crisis economic analyst michael ross has told me that the common currency idea was flawed from the start and it's too late to say that due to town ik it's sinking and the orchestra is still playing this is the situation that we have of them at the moment it's a politician's fog the euro is the result of politicians it's a political way it will to create this common currency but the fact that it evolves
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constructed here right from the beginning now we are in a mess everybody saw it coming it is very very difficult at the moment to solve this. problem in my opinion you can only divide the euro will take the northern countries and the southern countries and you create kind of northern europe but this is not. a once a power having the euro means having power and i don't want to lose the power sold we will go all into this boat you cannot solve a debt crisis by producing more debt at the end everybody will be drowning everybody will go under and there is i see coming in one or two years year in the eurozone. at least one hundred eighty will street protesters were arrested by police during the occupy chicago demonstration for refusing to leave a city park this comes two days off and dozens of protesters were arrested in new york activists say police responded to the peaceful rallies with unnecessary force is going every month since the protests against cats and corporate greed erupted in
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the u.s. there's a lot is going to teach cohen explains the expanding gap between rich and the poor could have done consequences for the country. a class war seemed impossible in a country where being wealthy east part of the national green goodis thousands march on wall street and in other parts of america protesting against the system that they claim works only for the benefit of a few super rich individuals and corporations we ask whether america is facing a class war that at a time when the rich are getting richer all the little class is collapsing class war is being waged in america today unfortunately the wrong side is winning the super called one percent of winners are the nation's top corporations which this year made the economies very slow growth of non the less made record profits the things to various loopholes but these corporations pay little or nothing in taxes
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the corporations say they need the tax breaks to be able to invest more in to hire more america's second largest energy producers chevron is now lobbying not to let the government tax them more and to my question how many americans has chevron hired since the tax breaks were introduced in two thousand and four the c.e.o. of the company said there were up slightly a few thousand in our stream business over the years but not significantly not significant on our chevron payroll a few thousand jobs for the dealy isn't dollars in tax stimulus that the government gave them economists say married has the largest corporations are sitting on more than three trillion dollars and not investing in the economy. unemployment in the us remains over nine percent when we live in a nation where corporations can profit off a child dying at the same time with their peers to the bankruptcy to their trying to pay for these kids' medical bills. what does that say about our country the wall
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street answer to people's rage and he killed. will be nobody held jobs but as one of the protesters try to put a word of objection call it all done all done it's not your show my teeth i'm talking to these people all done look took it to you you can. talk you through your personal success and money have always being part of the american dream read in the rich the aspiration to become rich is deeply ingrained in american society and widely promoted by pop culture but those who took to the streets have made it clear that the situation when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is not their idea of the american dream in fact it could be the end of it and the beginning of a class war i'm going to check our reporting from washing our teeth. to russia's north caucuses now where the have been reports of an attack on the pentagon so the president of the republic of english out here while being detained in connection with the incident that second details now from ortiz medina question of what she is
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in the region to do you know what can you tell us about what happened was the president actually involved in this incident. well according to initial reports that came from anger chanting and there was an incident that involved bodyguards of the hat of the republic of could have but shortly after is that the came out saying that north ham nor his bodyguards were involved in this incident and what actually happened is that a local resident try to gain access to the area that was blocked off by police due to security measures he opened fire on a policeman and they fired back and as a result one policeman who was a one hundred and is in hospital as well as the attacker he was injured and is in hospital at the moment meanwhile two and a half a years ago an association in time all units back you could have the had
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a finger said he did take place and at that time he was severely injured and spent several weeks in hospital he's known to be quite active against fighting terror in the region as well as across the area alpha north caucasus meanwhile russia's north caucasus remains quite volatile and is of the front line of russia's war on terror with anti terror operations and raise taking place on a constant basis ok meeting of thanks very much for that live update from russia's north caucasus between a question of. they sort of peacekeepers trying to remove roadblocks in northern kosovo have been prevented by serbians youssef on the roads guarding the disputed because of a border crossing so upset up the barricades in july to stop kosovo from extending its control over the part of the country populated mostly by ethnic serbs reflection of reports now on the continuing standoff. as months of tension between
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serbs and nicole bennett of course was continue roads in northern cos they remain closed for some serbs are fortifying the barricades and see themselves again as victims of history these cartoon greets we defeated your grandad we defeated your father's will win again local serbs compare the nature led peacekeeping force in kosovo ok for you to fascism occupiers of the past builds into i didn't think that they can come and save our land serbia is our home we don't want to live in albania want to look how they aren't we have nothing but flag and free they're gone some two hundred meters away they took a four soldiers keep watching. the beach which illusion my dogs play to remake the judge it all is the last week but if that is not to be reached i have to be on my own i have to fall back on my own needs. some of them are.
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going to be no surprise the generals only means a military once the status quo the northern coast of the remains the standoff between k. four soldiers and local service of aliens is no closer to resolution people from both sides of the barricades a glide to avoid any further violence that's away from media glare hostility is commonplace. this twenty three year old syrian man was with his father when he was shot just three weeks ago visiting ben and village in courses south western observe minority living in tiny enclaves and i was waiting for him in a car and i saw him coming out of the albini and cafeteria and i heard two gunshots and my dad fall down i watched him and i was worried guide immediately i didn't even say goodbye to him. w. bush owes us his wounds he was shocked when his father's killers try to eliminate the only witness i will never return to the place. i'm worrying about my fellow
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and myself in a separate incident just last week in under an arm syria was killed in a confrontation with a local these two men together with their friend mir drug to follow their big family went to see which used to be served land now owned by ethnic albanians since serbs fled after natives nine hundred ninety nine bombing of yugoslavia they were stopped by the new york and hire them we talked for five minutes then he said he needed to come back to his car to take in some foam came back and stand with a kalashnikov do you want to non-black he shouted and started firing on me or drug was killed at the scene the man who just lost their france they there is only one reason he was killed that's just because we are serbs periods eleven years after the end of major conflict here and despite the presence international peacekeepers
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violence seems to be still part of everyday life some in this troubled breakaway province and there is little sign that change refinished r t. and historic moment for a russian soyuz rocket came on friday as it launched from a space space in french guyana it's carrying the first part of a european satellite navigation system into orbit and all of these daniel bushell witnessed the event. the launch of a new era in russian space history the first ever liftoff of a soyuz bookit in the west confirms his position as the leader in the field it's one thousand seven hundred successful takeoffs way ahead of any other rival so would the french led team began plans to send galileo satellites into orbit it was first choice when we needed it. wrong how he and we immediately thought of show huge galileo is europe's new world's it's america's
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g.p.s. navigation system promising much greater accuracy and reliability with so used to launch it the use confident say use is one of the best launch. on the size so we put together the best competitive team and together we can be the best and beat all the old compare all the open and the soyuz and it's just simply have had to be specially adapted to handle the challenges brought by the tropical climate of four cry from its sister sites in russia's north and the steps of kazakstan the soil to needed some work including clearance of one hundred twenty hc does of jungle forest for the launch under a new agreement soyuz is to send many more satellites for europe into orbit from the site with much of the equipment being built in russia and then shipped to french guyana a massive boost for the russian space industry as for the future well speaking only
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about french grand and. there's a contract country of fifty or so years can you imagine fifty or so years which means that for the minimum six seven years. some are right and the most factories they will be fully engaged in that lots of work to do this excess cements the reputation. soyuz as the world's top space launch program but it also turns a new page in relations between the european union and russia c.d.u. figures with it too and expressed optimism for the new corporation to galileo satellite into orbit without a glitch to the cheers of the lords team and guests in russian soyuz means duty and both the e.u. and russia will be hoping the project will indeed we need union of interest and close a partnership and bush will see french. by the way to get more news coverage and
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all the latest videos on our website is not too don't call his a quick taste we can get night coverage of the glamorous mercedes-benz fashion week at the moment taking place in moscow. websites. also online moscow gets illuminated with more than three hundred fifty multimedia shows and light installations as the international festival circle of light kicks off here in the capital. well that's the way the weekly news looks of this in the moments we'll be taking on a trip to the city of kut roosevelt skids in north west russia and established by peter the great as he launched russia's a regional navy before that we'll have a quick look at the main news stories that will be in a couple minutes from now stay with us life.
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